Preserving Your Club Culture and Identity

Member Advisory Boards

When the Board of Directors is dissolved upon recapitalization, a new Member Advisory Board is instituted to ensure the voice of the membership is retained. We take pride in our relentless preservation of the culture, identity and traditions that make your club unique and are cherished by your membership. The Advisory Board will meet on a regular basis to give voice to the membership, help determine future capex priorities and offer feedback. Each Advisory Board is comprised of a group representing the makeup of the general membership: golfers, tennis/fitness members, men, women, old and young.

Gaillardia Country Club

Oklahoma City, OK

"I have observed first hand the improvements being done in accordance with promises made and communications provided."

Kristin McAdams – Member

Blue Hill Country Club

Boston, MA

"In just 6 months the club has done a 180. From the dining to the great golf course to a great golf and house staff; the club is an enjoyable place for all. I have been a member of BHCC for about 50 years and this is the first time that I see a club that is expanding and investing in a coordinated way. I am enjoying my time there thoroughly this year."

Richard Rossman – Member

Country Club at Woodmore

Washington, DC

"Now we just pay our dues and enjoy the Club. The course is better. The improvements are happening. And it's all someone else's problem. What's not to like?"

Joe Donato - Former President

Crestview Country Club

Wichita, KS

"Thanks for saving our club. Not a single complaint from a member in the first 90 days. I could not have imagined things going this smoothly. I have marked the date, February 9, when you first called me, on my calendar because it really was one of the best days ever."

Rich High – Past Board President

MacGregor Downs Country Club

Raleigh, NC

"Great progress is being made at our historically member-owned club, since we voted to recapitalize the club with Concert Golf. Even the doubters are now believers."

Dan Hartnett - Board Member

Fountains Country Club

Lake Worth, FL

"It has been a full year since Concert Golf Partners purchased the Fountains Country Club.  From someone who had great concerns about this transaction, I would like to commend your team on a seamless transition."

Ben Geller – Member

Sand Creek Country Club

Chesterton, IN

"I am a member of your Sand Creek Country Club and have been a resident there for 13 years. My whole family loves what you have been doing-from creating the programs that get our young children involved in golf to your capital improvements that the adults notice on a daily basis. Thank you for enriching my family's life. "

Alec Miller – Member

Country Club at Woodmore

Washington, DC

"Our club is now debt-free, all our 'wish list' capital projects are being completed and we will never again have assessments. Frankly, it's the best thing that could have happened for our club."

Joe Donato - Former Board President

Crestview Country Club

Wichita, KS

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what Concert Golf Partners has done for our club. Now, Crestview is a vibrant and upbeat country club. All of promised improvements were accomplished immediately and they continue today – far and beyond the original commitment.”

Rich High – Past Board President

Fountains Country Club

Lake Worth, FL

"As I was driving home today from the club after a delicious lunch and seeing a full parking lot, a card party, an art class and all the golfers, I was thinking to myself what you have done in the last 18 months to bring life to this place is truly remarkable. You should be very proud of what you have done and I just want you to know that it may go unnoticed by some, but not by me."

Judy Braslow - Member

Board Members Reflect on Recap

Listen to former Board Members and club management from three clubs reflect on their decision to partner with Concert Golf Partners.

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Several former Board Members and current club staff are willing to speak with you confidentially about their decision to recapitalize with Concert Golf Partners. If you'd like speak to a former Board Member directly to ask your questions and hear more about his or her experience - please click below to be introduced.

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