Recent Capital Projects

The 1906 Grille | Philmont Country Club

Philmont Country Club's new 1906 Grille is a reference to the historic founding of the Club in 1906. When Concert Golf recapitalized Philmont CC in 2017, the members had a capital project wish list - at the top were major renovation of the famed North Course, which was completed in 2018, and a new member grille room. This $1.0 million project involved a complete demolition of the old member lounge, and expanded the size of the room to include floor to ceiling windows overlooking the 18th green. There is a new bar, an entry lounge, and casual dining for 75 members and guests.

Initial Capital Project Wish List

As part of each recapitalization, we will commit to funding a list of initial capital projects, to be completed within a determined time period.

Capital project priorities are determined by the Board with the help of committees and membership surveys.

Ongoing Capital Reserve

Continuous reinvestment is vital to the long-term health of the club.

In addition to guaranteed initial projects, we commit - in writing - to reinvest a fixed percentage of annual revenue back into the club, rain or shine.