• Peter Nanula: Top 10 Myths of Private Clubs
  • Peter Nanula: Golf Isn't Dying, Just Some of its Older Ways.

  • Peter Nanula: Most Private Clubs Need Fresh Equity Capital.

Board Chats - Episode 7

Women Club Leaders Reenergize Their Clubs

Megan Putnam, Heathrow CC (Orlando, FL)
Jodi Myers, MacGregor Downs CC (Raleigh, NC)

Board Chats - Episode 6

Top Superintendents Enjoy Having Capital and Autonomy

Jason Adams, Superintendent, Blue Hill CC (Boston, MA)

Board Chats - Episode 5

Club Staff Loves Fresh Capital, Easier Decision-Making with Professional Ownership

Russ Curtis & Cricket Russell, MacGregor Downs CC (Raleigh, NC)

Board Chats - Episode 4

The Downside of Capital Assessments

Michael Sommers, West Lake CC (Augusta, GA)

Board Chats - Episode 3

Debt-Free and New Capital Improvements in Only 4 Months

Rich High, Crestview CC (Wichita, KS)

Board Chats - Episode 2

The Board Asks "Why Are We an Equity Club?"

Dan Hartnett, MacGregor Downs CC (Raleigh, NC)

Board Chats - Episode 1

Recapitalizing to Pay Off Debt and Get Immediate Capital Project Funding

Tim Nelson, Blue Hill CC (Boston, MA)

Michael Sommers
Board President
West Lake Country Club
Augusta, Georgia