Concert Golf Partners is a well-capitalized owner-operator of golf properties nationwide.

All-Cash Approach. Our group is an all-cash investor in country clubs; we do not use debt to finance these investments because we think top-notch golf clubs benefit from the stability and certainty that comes from long-term debt-free ownership.

This approach allows us to re-invest in the club and keep dues for current Members at affordable rates, while the club attracts new Members and builds a vibrant club community. Learn more about Member-Owned Clubs and golf course financing.

We Are Decisive. Concert Golf is very decisive and has a track record of closing quickly on investments in clubs with Members, banks, real estate developers and investors.

Don't Just Take Our Word - Hear from board members and club management personnel at three private golf clubs talk about their experience with Concert Golf before and after the recapitalization.

Deep Golf Experience
Our management team has decades of professional golf management experience from Arnold Palmer Golf Management, Valley Crest, GE Capital, KSL Fairways, ClubCorp and other leading firms with expertise gained from owning and operating over 100 premier golf properties across the US since 1990. We are deeply committed to attracting the very best employees, providing a superior customer experience and continuously investing in capital improvements at our clubs.